About This Designer


I design brands and websites. I collect the advice of wise women. I make music with my handsome husband. I've found a way to make my double (triple?) life work in the gold-rush town of San Francisco since 2006. I stay busy with (perhaps) too many creative projects and (nearly) zero complaints. 

Since 2016, I've been dividing my time in three ways: making the podcast, Advice from Mom with my own psychologist-mother, facilitating design sprints and reviews with Google's Design Relations team, and making music as Love Jerks

I love to actualize big ideas with design. I was the first employee and designer for the education platform, MasterClass. Launching in May 2015, masterclass.com is the premiere online destination to learn from the world's greatest talents. In addition to taking great pride in the brand and product I helped founders establish, I really enjoyed helping them develop their first three online classes—on set with James Patterson, Serena Williams, and Dustin Hoffman. I helped them grow the company to 30 people and launch 6 classes before setting off to start my own company.

Prior to joining MasterClass, I worked for several start-ups including the how-to app, Snapguide, as both a product manager and designer. Before catching the start-up bug, I spent three inspiring years as part of the YouTube user experience team. A highlight of my career was leading design on YouTube's first major visual refresh project in the site's 7-year history.

I started my design career as a design consultant at Cooper and Mule Design, designing interfaces for everything from medical devices to online political publications to the infographics for the interaction design handbook, About Face 3

I also spent 5 years as the art director of The Disposable Film Festival, an international festival celebrating cinema made possible by low-cost technology.  

I've really enjoyed speaking about design over the past few years. I just gave the opening talk at Pixel Up in South Africa! I've given design talks at Toronto's NxNE interactive, Warm Gun Conference on Measurable Design, and SxSW's Next Stage and TEDxUtrecht. 

On the harmonious front, my musical husband and I recently pulled off the crrrrraziest creative project—we wrote an all-original rock-opera wedding. Check out the fanfare! I spend most of my non-designing hours working on music! Check out Love, Jerks and you will understand. 

I started in the Bay Area music scene in 2007 as part of the indie pop band, My First Earthquake. I then spent three years as the war-painted front-woman in the rock band, Happy Fangs. You can hear my complete discography and see all my music videos on this very site! 

I'm the daughter of a Scrabble-loving psychologist and a bird-photographing engineer. I'm a Pennsylvania girl at heart—born in Philadelphia and grown in the South Hills of Pittsburgh (gooooo Stillers!). At the ripe age of 5, my parents supported my decision to become a vegetarian! Still am! I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in communication design with a minor in creative writing.

I've recently become extra-fascinated with how we share wisdom with each other. You can read more about that on Medium. If you'd like to share some wise words, please reach out!